3 Eternal Dharma Truths Meditation

Time to clean out our filter.

Step 1: Relax all the tension!

DIY or find a friend to help. GIPHY.
  • Stomach in like a yoga master, hip under and puff out the chest like a bodybuilder. Then relax. This is a charge open.
  • Open joints and tendons and ligaments by rolling your shoulders and with arms at 45 degrees, stretch fingers open. Then relax.
  • Create a little bit of air between everything.

Step 2: Theory — What are the 3 Truths?

Some light, morning theory. GIPHY.

These are often called the The Three Marks of Existence.

They are know as ‘Eternal Dharma Truths’ because they apply in all time, all space and from every angle:

  1. All of the appearing forms are constantly changing;
  2. All of the appearing forms come from combinations of other appearing forms;
  3. The essence of Dharma has no form, remains calm and unlimited, cannot be added to nor subtracted from. This is known as Nirvana.

Step 3: How does consciousness create an appearing form?

All consciousness begins in a perfect, no beginning- no end, pure zone known as Dharma Lotus Joy Ocean.

Consciousness at this stage is known as empty, empty.

Ok this might be a little difficult but please bear with me.

The first empty because they have no form (no body.) The second empty because these consciousness have not experienced life yet. Think of the difference between pure and naive vs pure and wise.

In this perfect zone consciousness is not Buddha (completely wise and awakened) yet. There is only our essence wisdom, but not any wisdom ability developed here because the zone is already perfectly joyful and free.

There is also no compassion here because no one needs it. Every life is happy and free, there is no suffering, so there is no one to help.

This means there is also no sharing. This is why it is not completely perfect.

It’s more fun with others! GIPHY.

It is said that in that zone, we don’t value perfect because we are used to it. In order to understand perfect we need to understand not-perfect.

These consciousness have unlimited potential in their heart, and once curiosity appears, curiosity to be aware of more, the first blind action starts. This is called — “original blind action.”

This will then take consciousness out of perfect creation into reincarnation.

That is where we all are.

So you can see our heart creates both -That is why they say: One heart, two gates.

Curiosity, Blind, Then Act = Blind act

Curiosity leads us here. GIPHY.

Through this place we can learn sharing and compassion, wisdom, step by step to understand life and back to finish where we started but with a full heart of wisdom and compassion abilities.

To make a circle, every point needs to be perfect.

Now we use curiosity to go back to paradise.

Step 4: Can you find anything that doesn’t come from a condition?

Inside a molecule, inside the Atom, inside quarks is what? Link.

Inside every material are molecules. Inside molecules are atoms. Inside atoms are quarks. Inside quarks are energy. Inside energy is empty space. Many things come together to make a material look solid and very real.

A rock is made of many little bits of sand. We apply a separate label to them but who joined them together?

There is no first house. A house appears from many causations together: planning, foundations, wooden beams, concrete slabs, wiring, brickwork, plaster, painting, carpet and then boom — a house.

When we are talking about life, this applies for us, our body, as well!

Our Heart creates seeds to make everything appear

All conditions and causations comes from our own and everyone’s hearts joined together

Of course in a dream everything can appear but nothing real.

Real means never changing. So never real is great news for us — otherwise we would be frozen stiff like in ice forever.

But you told me to FREEZE! Link.

Because it is created, if its created it is changing which is not fixed and true and forever… it is temporary.

Here’s the interesting part, this applies to our bodies as well. Our bodies come from our parents DNA, breathing the air, food from outside, water from outside heat from core of the Earth and the Sun… nothing comes from us.

That is why we are not our bodies.

And relax.. GIPHY.

We are pure consciousness that connect to this body. But we have forgotten this. Even writing this is a challenge because it is far away from my level to understand it in my heart. But the logic makes sense.

Step 5: Nirvana… next week :)

That is a lot in one go.

I’ll put the next part up next week!

You’re welcome to read more here in the interim and please comment and ask questions.

I’ll ask my Sifu if I don’t know the answer. I’ll probably ask him anyway.



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